232. Throwback.

It isn’t a Thursday, but still spent part of this evening thinking of yesteryear, thanks to :

– partial viewings of First Daughter and Ocean’s Eleven
— listening to “Never Had a Dream Come True” more than once after reading a Slate story
about how the music of our formative years sticks with us
— catching the end of a Girl Meets World episode, which isn’t old, but seeing Cory Matthews and hearing the production company’s theme at the end of the episode is.

231. A to Z.

Maybe I could use a little meant to be in my life. Just a little.

– Zelda, in NBC’s new show A to Z. Looks like I’ve figured out what’s going to fill the HIMYM* void this fall.

*Still mad.

230. Musubi.

It has been ages since I’ve gone on a proper trip to the grocery store, so that left me with limited options for dinner tonight. The winning contender: spam musubi, a Hawaiian treat that I grew to appreciate when friend Melody made it for me while she was visiting a couple years ago and then became reacquainted with during last year’s trip to Oahu.

I made a makeshift musubi mold out of a Spam can (which I do not recommend; it’s amazing I didn’t slice any part of me open). The rice wasn’t quite the right texture, the shape wasn’t quite right, but the end result was still tasty.

Friend Meg from choir has perfected her own — during our last concert, she brought me one as a pre-performance snack — so I’ll have to ask her for tips when rehearsals start up again in a couple weeks. She probably has a proper mold.

229. Teddy.

I love me some Theodore Roosevelt. Maybe it’s because of his love for nature. Maybe it’s because of his crazy love life. Or maybe it’s because his Nationals mascot iteration didn’t win a game for years.

Regardless, my friends and I have long discussed doing a Teddy celebration (akin to Lincoln Night), but it never came to fruition.

Until today.

It’s mostly thanks to Restaurant Week. Teddy and the Bully Bar, a 26th-president-themed restaurant, was taking part, so I figured, why not finally do what we’ve always said we were going to do — spend part of the day hiking around Roosevelt Island and then eating all of the food at Teddy?

photo 3

Who wouldn’t want to visit this guy?

Friends Mackenzie and Amy joined me for the jaunt to Roosevelt Island, which is a short walk from the Rosslyn metro and right across the Francis Scott Key bridge from Georgetown. Despite a potential threat of rain, it was actually not a bad day to be out (though I really shouldn’t have worn pants).


Walking around the island.

Walking around the island.

After visiting the statue, we walked along the paths, which of course meant we needed to heed Teddy’s advice by carrying big sticks (though, as Mackenzie pointed out, we do not speak softly, so.)

My stick was taller than me!

My stick was taller than me!

We then crossed the bridge and caught the Circulator to head to the restaurant, where friends Kaitie, Juana and Emily met up with us for a delicous, delicious four-course meal (of which I surprisingly took no photos) and some pisco punch.

Here’s to the inaugural Teddy Day and hopefully many more to come.

228. Drinks.

Grabbed drinks with friend Kim, who is in town for a conference. Talked life and journalism.

Immediately went from there to another drinks thing for friend Jane, who is moving to China at the end of the month. Talked many things, ranging from football loyalties and opera singers in bars to writing mock poetry and my hatred of certain types of modern art.

227. Highlights.

Today’s highlights:

– lounging by pool after work
— grocery shopping after lounging with four other people who were also hungry, resulting in decently sized assortment of food
— grilling
— discovering a pair of Fox News Bret Baier tongs
— bursting out into an a capella version of the Game of Thrones theme song
— buying self early birthday present

226. Tasting.

Attended a sour beer tasting at Sixth & I Synagogue with friend Juana tonight.

And while they were all delicious, the best by far was this smoked sour from Franklins, a brewery in Hyattsville. It tasted like barbecue. What beer have you ever had that tastes like BARBECUE?!

Juana and I have vowed to trek out to the brewery just so we can drink it again, especially since it will only be there for the next few weeks.

225. Livestream.

Much of my evening has been spent watching the livestreams coming out of Ferguson, Mo., documenting this devolution into disorder as police assault protestors and the media.

There really isn’t much else to say, so I’m just going to leave it at that.

224. Crate.

Ordered new bowls from Crate and Barrel the other day after deciding that the two plastic ones I’ve long used for cereal and soup and whatnot — purchased four years ago from Target, right after I moved here — must be replaced.

Because I refused to pay for shipping, I ended up going to the store in person to pick them up. And oh gosh, it was a well-lit, well-furnished heaven. It took a ton of self control not to buy everything in sight… Admittedly, this was because whatever I bought, I’d have to carry on to the metro during rush hour.

I spent so much of my youth dreading trips to stores like these. And now I relish in it.

Which is why it’s probably a mini miracle that I *only* walked out with the bowls, cocktail plates and a pastry wheel, right? Right?


223. One Direction.

After work today, friends Mackenzie, Sarah, Amy and I gathered in Yards Park to drink a couple bottles of wine on this overcast and slightly rainy day. While this ordinarily would have been enough for a fine evening, there was a twist: we were only doing it because Yards Park is next to Nationals Park, and Nationals Park was where One Direction was performing for thousands upon thousands of screaming fans (mostly teenage girls, but I’m sure there’s some variety in there).

From under the bridge in the park, where we were sitting because it kept us mostly dry from the rain, we could hear the roars of the crowds and strains of music by the opening band. But it wasn’t until we walked to the central gate entrance that we could hear the main attraction itself. Here, we stood swaying in the rain, humming along to songs that we kind of knew. Sarah and Amy eventually left, and Mackenzie and I continued to stand there until we heard our favorite songs back to back (Happily for Mack, Little Things for me). I may have yelped aloud when I realized that my fave was playing.

As my 15-year-old cousin so helpfully once pointed out, I am older than every single member of this band. But am I proud of how I spent my Monday evening? Absolutely.