108. Dance.

Just got home from watching former roommate Rachael perform with the contemporary ballet company MOVEiUS Dance. As a not-very-graceful person myself, I can’t help but admire the beautiful way in which they move.

Exhibit A:

‘ Rachael is the ballerina on the right. Photo from MOVEiUS’s FB page.

Maybe I should use it as inspiration to start this year’s round of dance classes.

107. Club.

Today marked my second foray into the world of book clubs. The first was in Reno during college, shortly after I quit the Sagebrush and suddenly had way more time on my hands. And even then, I rarely finished the books, opting more so to participate for the community rather than the actual book discussions.

I’m making more of an effort this second time around with the new neighborhood group. It’s only the second time the group has met, and it seems pretty promising. According to one of the organizers, there was only one person present who had come to both the first and second meetings, and they’re hoping that number will grow as time goes on.

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106. Doodle.

I used to doodle a lot when I was younger, mostly out of boredom. So many little sketches, mostly of things that I already liked (Pokemon and Sailor Moon and various Disney characters). It’s a habit that has faded with time, probably simply for lack of time.

That mood struck this afternoon in the lull after I filed a story for our PM edition, resulting in this.

It is now pinned up on my cubicle wall next to a doodle of Thor I did earlier this year (done on a Chipotle napkin).

Guess I’ll have to get through all of the Avengers now.

105. Sing.

No one cannot sing what is written.

– Choir director Fred during tonight’s practice. We’re nearly a month into rehearsals for the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (sight reading Georgian music is fun). This will all end with our final concert of the season and the chorale’s first studio recording, which is why Fred’s harping on us about the little details now. The above quote was his way of explaining just how precise we’ll need to be come the first week of June.

104. Tug.

Reported from the Chesapeake Bay today, which involved riding on a tug boat, hanging out on a barge and standing inside of a crane. Without giving away anything about my story, the highlight of my day was the ride back to the dock on the tug boat. I climbed up to the second level with the operator, and he proceeded to tell me all about the history of the area.

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103. Meta.

Last night’s proclamation of Chromecast success was premature. When I woke up this morning, I tried to show roommate Kaitie the wonders of seeing the computer screen on the TV, but alas, it didn’t work when I tried to hook up not one, not two, but four different devices in succession to it.

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102. Router.

While attempting to set up Chromecast, I ended up basically breaking my Internet by screwing up my router’s settings.

After taking a break to watch Captain America 2 for the second time, I have since fixed the router problem. And because it is now 1:30 a.m., I think I am going to leave the Chromecast mystery for tomorrow.

Update: So I lied. It’s about 10 minutes later, and I thought I’d try to figure it out once more, and voila, Chromecast worked. I can actually see myself writing this post on my TV screen right now. Technology is awesome (and terrifying — still reading Dave Eggers’ The Circle).

101. Duke.

Spent the evening watching She’s The Man, the 2006 movie that’s a loose adaptation of Twelfth Night. The first best thing about it is Amanda Bynes as Viola in what was likely her prime (though none of us realized it yet because her future still seemed so promising).

And the next best thing about it is, of course, the phenomenal Channing Tatum with his hilarious, incompetent-with-girls portrayal of Duke Orsino (fantastic play on words). We get hints of the comic flair he displays in 21 Jump Street, the chest that will become much broader by Magic Mike and absolutely none of the dancing talent that will come to light only months later with the release of Step Up.

Ah well. Despite what I proclaim on an alarmingly regular basis, you can’t have it all.

100. Hundred.

It’s the hundredth day of the year, so it’s the hundredth post of this project. Where does the time go?

As for today, it was actually pretty good for a Thursday. Worked. Read outside during my lunch break. Led stray tourists to the metro. Ate and drank with friend Emily and roommate Kaitie in the park. New umbrella came in the mail (though it is blue, not turquoise. I’ll still keep it). Watched Never Been Kissed.

Spring is here, recess is in sight and my allergies, while present, aren’t all that bad.

Happy 100th.

99. Basin.

Despite having lived here since last July and visiting the city a few times before that, friend Amy never visited the Tidal Basin.

I decided this needed to be fixed, so we ventured to the basin this evening. I had worried that, given the peak bloom predicted for today, we’d have to fight our way through crowds.

But while there were a lot of people, that wasn’t the case. We walked on the path by the water before checking out the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and sitting on the steps. We then continued to mosey along, passing through the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. And all along the way, we saw thousands of blossoms.

It was probably the best visit I’ve had to the basin, to be honest. It was cool enough for a jacket and, since it was right before sunset, everything was touched with the warm light of golden hour.

I’m exhausted, but it was worth it.

Woooo lens flare!

Woooo lens flare!